Our focus for all hill tribe children is to encourage them to stay at school for as long as possible. We know that this leads to better outcomes for a safe and healthy life. For many of the children in our care this means that they have to either leave their family for 10 months per year to stay at one of our hostels to attend school. Many others have been orphaned because of poverty, poor access to health and HIV AIDS. It is critical that they all have access to safe accommodation, food and access to school.

In addition to providing for the basic necessities for living, BFWA awards numerous education scholarships to secondary and tertiary education.

Paola Ferroni Education Scholarships

Professor Paola Ferroni was the Director of the Centre for International Health at Curtin University in Western Australia. She was an Epidemiologist who dedicated her life to promoting health and preventing disease and disability through research and education, and most of their work was based in Asia.

Paola emphasised the need for educating girls and women as a means to ameliorating poverty and achieving gender equity. Based on the UN statistic that 70% of the world's poverty is born by women and that one on three women has been subjected to some form of sexual aggression, Paola provided both material and emotional support for many women from diverse countries and cultures.

In November 2014, while cycling to her fitness centre, Dr Ferroni was killed, being hit by a driver who was looking at her telephone rather than the road in front of her.

The Paola Ferroni Education Scholarship has been established to honour Paola's work and her philosophy. The scholarships support the education of girls and women in order to provide them with the capacity to make independent decisions, find safe and meaningful employment and become educators to their family and beyond.

Since 2015, more than 50 young women have benefitted from a Paola Ferroni Education Scholarship and many more would value the opportunity to continue their education.

Please look here if you would like to donate to the Paola Ferroni Education Scholarship fund.

““If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation”

— Catherine Beecher 1843

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