Paola Ferroni Scholarship Fund Profile - Kanjana

Kanjana - Akha young woman - excels at leadership and has been the recipient of a scholarship and also supported with some of her university costs by Barry and Sandy (Queensland). Kanjana is going into her 2nd year of Agricultural Technology at Maejo University. She is enjoying the challenge of study but misses her Akha village and Teerawats' Akha Hostel - her home since she was a baby. Her village is a 5 hour drive from the university on 2 buses so she can't go home very often. She spends lots of time up at Leadership Home - a fabulous role model. Kanjana's dream job is as a researcher in agriculture - esp plant biology. She wants to gain experience working in Chiang Mai and then transfer her research and knowledge to assist her people in her village and community.

Paola Ferroni Education Fund Profile - Tidaporn Jalae

Tidaporn Jalae continues to study business at university in Chiang Mai. She comes from a remote Yellow Lahu village, beyond Chia Prakan - 3 hrs of river crossings and muddy mountain roads. Her parents and many families in the village survive by growing organic coffee beans. Tidaporn dreams of setting up her own business - a coffee trader and a shop selling hill tribe coffee from her home village. She is grateful for the support from her sponsor, Veronica, and the Paola Ferroni Education Fund.

Tidaporn's parents drying the Aribica coffee beans

Tidaporn's parents drying the Aribica coffee beans

Two new Educational Scholarships

We are excited to announce two new education scholarships. After a difficult selection process, two young women were chosen. Meena Aryee is from the Akha tribe (and Teerawats’ Village) and Chanisara Chantharayuthis Karen tribe from Chiang Mai.

Meena is 20 years old and was nominated by the fabulous Mr Teerawat. She is from a close family and against all odds she is thriving at Rajabpat University, Chiang Rai.

Thak translated her letter: "I am studying teaching the Chinese language. There are 7 people in my family - my parents, my 2 older brothers and 1 wife of older brother and 1 nephew and me. During my studies in university I live in the dormitory provided by the university. It is safe and I can save lots of money and it is easy to travel to study. In my family my parents they are farmers and grow corn and rice. My 2 older brothers and his wife do daily work outside. My family income is not stable and very little. Most of my school costs come from corn and rice. I have many expenses such as travelling costs, food, university uniform and accommodation. My dream is to get this scholarship and I can relieve her mum and dad of this pressure. Once I get this scholarship, I will use it for my education and to finish college. I will have a good job with a good salary - enough to take care of myself and my family. Moreover I will use my knowledge to share back with my Akha community. I thank you for your support - this money helps not only myself but my whole family."

The other young woman, Chanisara, is from the Karen tribe and lives in Chiang Mai. She is 18 and studying accounting at one of the best universities in Chiang Mai - Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna. Pramote and Yadaw gave her the scholarship money and she was elated.

Thak's translated her letter: "Hello my name is Chanisara Chantharayuth and I am Karen tribe. I am 18 years old and I was born 14 April 1999. I am studying in accounting at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna. I have 1 sister, Sarocha, 16 yrs old. My father's name is Pornsak. My mother just passed away. I am the person that talks little and I am friendly and adapt to other people easily. I love to read books about psychology and listen to music and watch the news. In the future I want to be an honest accountant and work with many people who need me. Moreover I want to have a Master Degree in Psychology because I am interested in human behavior -about their thinking and cause of behavior. Thank you for supporting me and my dream."

The ceremony for the 2 young women was planned a few months ago but sadly Chanisaria's mum (only 47 years old) died from leukemia soon after they gave her the scholarship. Her mum had been so happy and healthy and life turned upside down for this beautiful family. This family almost lost everything as they battled to heal their mum/wife. Chanisaria's dad, Pornsak, is grieving but doing everything he can for all his daughters. Pornsak and his younger daughter, Sarocha, accepted the scholarship on behalf of Chanisara. Both were crying – he said that life has many ups and downs and he is grateful for the love of his beautiful daughters and this blessing from you.

Hay Shed Wine fundraiser

We are running a wine fundraiser that is supported by Hay Shed Hill - just in time for the silly season. Not only are the wines discounted generously, Hay Shed Hill will donate at least $40 for every dozen sold.

BFWA Medical Fund directly enables the acute health concerns of the Hill Tribe children of Northern Thailand to be addressed while also supporting ongoing preventative health initiatives and providing relevant medical and dental education.

Your support of our fundraising will enable this improved health care and sustainable community development for the Hill Tribe children and their families to be maintained.

The wines being offered are quality Margaret River wines made by Hay Shed Hill Winemaker Michael Kerrigan. Hay Shed Hill is rated a prestigious Red Five Star James Halliday winery rating.

Order by 26 November.

BFF Hay Shed Order Form.jpg

Short Film on our work

We are proud to show you a video that has just been produced about our work in Northern Thailand working with hill tribe people. We hope that this gives a clear glimpse into the lives of the hill tribe children we care for, the challenges they face, and the opportunities to make a positive difference.

Thank you Brian for making this possible and Brandon for the outstanding film making.

Please share the video.

University scholarships - Siriporn

Proof that our work is making a difference to hill tribe children in Northern Thailand, we have more need for university sponsorships. Once a child finishes secondary school (this was previously very rare), it is very tough for them to continue on to university if this is what they are motivated to do. It is very expensive and they need to be able to support themselves. We would love to be able to encourage these students to attend university if they are committed to studying and working very hard.

Siriporn is one of the young uni people who is sponsored and she is happy for us to use this letter to promote the sponsorship of uni people. 

Siriporn for Lorel.jpg

Sponsorship is $50 per month. Please email us if you would like more information.

And thanks Siriporn and good luck for the rest of your studies.

Siriporn for Lorel photo.jpg