University scholarships - Siriporn

Proof that our work is making a difference to hill tribe children in Northern Thailand, we have more need for university sponsorships. Once a child finishes secondary school (this was previously very rare), it is very tough for them to continue on to university if this is what they are motivated to do. It is very expensive and they need to be able to support themselves. We would love to be able to encourage these students to attend university if they are committed to studying and working very hard.

Siriporn is one of the young uni people who is sponsored and she is happy for us to use this letter to promote the sponsorship of uni people. 

Siriporn for Lorel.jpg

Sponsorship is $50 per month. Please email us if you would like more information.

And thanks Siriporn and good luck for the rest of your studies.

Siriporn for Lorel photo.jpg