Paola Ferroni Scholarship Fund Profile - Kanjana

Kanjana - Akha young woman - excels at leadership and has been the recipient of a scholarship and also supported with some of her university costs by Barry and Sandy (Queensland). Kanjana is going into her 2nd year of Agricultural Technology at Maejo University. She is enjoying the challenge of study but misses her Akha village and Teerawats' Akha Hostel - her home since she was a baby. Her village is a 5 hour drive from the university on 2 buses so she can't go home very often. She spends lots of time up at Leadership Home - a fabulous role model. Kanjana's dream job is as a researcher in agriculture - esp plant biology. She wants to gain experience working in Chiang Mai and then transfer her research and knowledge to assist her people in her village and community.