We are supporting more than 400 hill tribe children in many areas of Northern Thailand. In the past, it was rare for hill tribe people to attend school, and even rarer for them to continue at secondary school. Education is vital and every child in our care goes to school every day.

We support a number of community schools – children live with their families and the school works with the community to give the hill-tribe children the best chance at education. We also assist the students to progress through high school and tertiary education.

We support young hill tribe people who live in rural areas far from schools by providing hostel accommodation in various locations during school semesters (ten months of the year). We ensure that these young people have access to education at the local school and that they have a safe place to stay, with access to food and healthcare.

We also provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships - hundreds of students have benefited from this funding, including 50 young women who received a Paola Ferroni Education Scholarship.

As many of these children do not have Thai citizenship, we assist in this regard too. Gaining citizenship means they will be able to have access to basic services such as medical treatment, and being able to travel freely.

Hundreds of young people have enjoyed the weekend Mooditj program, learning about sexuality and relationship education. This program is the centrepiece of indigenous health and relationships training developed by SHQ Western Australia (formerly Family Planning WA).

“BFF has made a massive difference to the lives of thousands of hill tribe children.”
— Lorel Mayberry, Chair, BFWA

What We've Achieved

  • Built Leadership Home, to allow hill tribe children to attend secondary school.
  • Awarded 65 education scholarships.
  • Facilitated many Mooditj relationship and sexuality workshops.
  • Irrigated fields to grow crops.
  • Successfully built a sponsor a child program.
  • More hostels have become self-sufficient, growing crops including rice and mushrooms.
  • Provided medical teams to care for sick and injured children.
  • Funded urgent dental work.
  • Provided mosquito nets, bedding, clothing and food to hill tribe children in our care.