Borderless Friendship WA Inc. (BFWA) is a not-for-profit Western Australian organisation, incorporated in November 2010, which supports the work of BFF. The primary role of BFWA is fundraising and advocacy for BFF.

 We are small and grass-roots. We know that the funds we raise go directly to the children because we are there regularly. We are in daily contact with BFF in Thailand and all expenditure is well-considered and we ensure it is stretched as far as possible.


Our purpose

The purpose of BFWA is to support BFF in their efforts to provide the best possible[1] opportunities[2] for healthy, safe and rewarding lives[3] for the hill tribe children and youth in their care[4] in Thailand, ensuring inclusivity of parents and family[5]. Their focus is to provide accommodation with access to education and working towards self-sustainability.


[1] By “best possible” we mean what is achievable and realistic through funding provided by BFWA.

[2] By “opportunities” we mean living in BFWA funded hostels or accommodation provided by entities/individuals of whom BFWA approve and whom BFWA support.

[3] By “safe and rewarding lives” we mean full of purpose, productive and engaged.

[4] By “in their care” we mean living in our hostels or accommodation provided by entities/individuals of whom they approve and with whom they are in partnership.

[5] By “ensuring inclusivity of parents and families” we note the importance of the inclusion of all members of the family whenever possible.