BFWA receives no government funding. We are a grass-roots organisation and we know how to make a massive difference with a small amount of money. We completely rely on raising funds by selling handicrafts (made by hill tribe people), running street stalls at various markets, organising fundraising events, receiving grants and donations, including our very popular child sponsorship program. Over 97% of all profits from fundraising goes directly to supporting our work in Thailand. Annual membership fees of $30 pa cover our minimal administration costs.

Key areas of expenditure

  • Education - scholarships for secondary school and university, school supplies, Mooditj relationship and sexuality workshops

  • Safe accommodation, nutritious food and essential clothing

  • Health and welfare through funded organised medical clinics

  • Sustainable agriculture such as livestock for the hostels, fishponds for aquaculture, vegetable gardens, rice-growing equipment, water tanks to irrigate crops.

  • Building projects

General Fundraising


We organise several awareness-raising and fundraising events during the year. Last year we held a cocktail party at Perth's Bell Tower, a party at Curtin University, several evenings with our special partner at Grill'd Shafto Lane, and a fundraising party at the Fremantle Sailing Club.

Sale of handicrafts

Our volunteers sell handicrafts (made by hill tribe people) such as the famous wooden ‘croaking’ frogs at various Perth-based local markets, at events, and at public speaking events. Just from buying one item you make an important difference to our work.

Financial donations

Financial donations, large or small are always gratefully appreciated. Every cent is valuable and carefully put to best use. There are many ways to donate.


Grants – we have been successful with many grants for special projects such as a vehicle for Leadership Home and essential services – electricity, water and sanitation.

We are not eligible for many Australian grants because our work is overseas.