child sponsorship

Borderless Friendship WA, in cooperation with Happy Hands Foundation (Victoria), started a sponsorship program in 2014. Today, most of our children have sponsors and BFWA now manage this program with our limited funds. Truly life-changing for them and it is incredibly personal and satisfying for all sponsors.

Borderless Friendship WA runs a successful sponsor program to provide ongoing support to the hill tribe children in BFF’s care. Together with our friends at Happy Hands Foundation (Victoria), we have found sponsors for more than 250 hill tribe orphaned, abandoned or underprivileged children in northern Thailand. Thanks to those generous sponsors, these children have food and essentials guaranteed each month.

We dream of sponsorship for all of these children. We now have young people going to technical school and university – the leaders of the future! By sponsoring a child you will be supporting the next generation of young people to reach their full potential.

You will receive annual updates, photos and communication with your child. The program is 100% volunteer-run. We do NOT deduct any handling fees or administration costs. You can be confident that all your funds reach the children in need.  

Sponsorship is truly life changing for the children and fulfilling for the sponsors too.

Annual sponsorship of $480 a year (or $40 per month) provides basic essentials so the children can continue at school. You can also choose to sponsor a vocational education /university student at $60 per month.



Sasawat Rootmethai


Male – Shaelae Lahu tribe

12 years old - Grade 6

Favourite subject is science.

Loves playing sport with his friends and is so happy to be able to study.

Wants to be a mechanical engineer or a mechanic.

The children live in rented accommodation with other families. They are living day-to-day and trying to make a new life in safety in Thailand. The group of Shaelae Lahu fled Myanmar a few years ago, escaping persecution and fearing that the men would be taken and forced at gun point to carry drugs. They used their meagre savings to enter Thailand. The children are able to go to Thai schools and this is the pathway to Thai ID. Parents are doing their best to work and the small amount they earn barely feeds their families and keeps the children at school. Most of the children have fathers but men often go away and work – ‘day-to-day’ labour at $3-4 a day.