fundraising volunteer

Throughout the year we rely on volunteers to help with our fundraising activities and new helpers are always welcome. Roles can include:

Helping run our handicraft stall at local markets and special events

Organising fundraising events

Volunteering at fundraising events with activities such as event coordination, setting up, selling crafts, waitressing, sourcing prizes

Selling raffle tickets and Entertainment Books

Please get in touch if you’d like to help, or if you have an idea for an event.

Visiting our work in Thailand

Throughout the year, several committee members spend months up in Thailand. Volunteers and tourists are also very welcome up in the mountains of Northern Thailand at various times throughout the year. Pramote (Director of Borderless Friendship Foundation Thailand) and Thak (24 year-old Thak is Pramote’s son) are outstanding guides and the children we support are delightful, positive and talented. The hill tribe people are welcoming and respectful. A trip to the hill tribe communities could be the experience of your life and we guarantee it will be life-changing.

Please contact us if you are interested. We will send you the appropriate documentation that outline the details, processes and regulations for travelling to, visiting or volunteering in these areas.

Awchaw Tours At the end of 2017 a new commercial business has been established by Lahu hill tribe people - Awchaw Tours. Awchaw (pronounced Och-chor) is a Lahu word meaning ‘friendship’.  This company has been created to meet the needs of many sponsors and supporters who wish to see our work and meet the children. With adequate notice, hill tribe guides are available to take you up to the remote villages. Thak and the other guides are accredited with a tourist licence and public driving licence. The children are so happy when visitors come - they will share with you the special things they love such as singing, reading stories, learning English, gardening and playing sport.

The costs are reasonable and your experience will be unique. Usually tourists to Northern Thailand do not get this opportunity. Please contact Lorel or Thak about the details